Our History

In August of 1901, our church was organized under the name of “Beulah”. The members met in a small one room school house located directly across the road from Mrs. Clara Horne’s Home. The pastor was Bro. Lee Brooks, and J.R. Chapman was a deacon. Other members present were Julian Brooks, Alice Chapman, Emma Chapman, Dallas Brooks, Ada Munn, Susie Chapman and Anthony Chapman. Between 1901 and 1911, the name of the church was changed from “Beulah’ to “Boeuf River Missionary Baptist Church”. During this time the Baptists and Methodists were meeting together in a “union” church building which was located near the site of the present high school gym. In May 1911, the church entered in a covenant to enable the church to have a correct roll and invited all members wishing to become member to have his or her name added to the roll. Present at this meeting were Bro. J.C. Dove, pastor, J.E. Richardson, Clerk, H.L. Mckaskle, G.B. Smith, R.L. Adams, A.J. Johnston, G.W. Hammett, and J.Y. Fowler. N.H. Anders, G.B. Smith, Thad Ingram, J.E. Richardson, and R.L. Adams were elected as delegates to the associational convention held in September, 1911. G.E. Richardson was elected as an alternate.

On July 6, 1912, R.L. Adams, Jasper Adams, J.T. Ingram and J.E. Richardson were elected deacons by acclamation and were ordained on August 3, 1912.

In 1913, regular meeting times were set for the first and third Saturday and Sunday of each month with business meeting to be held on the first Saturday of each month.

In 1914, a separate building was built across the road where the Masonic Lodge is located today. The church’s name was changed to “Boeuf River” Baptist Church.

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