Our History 2

In June 1919, A.J. Hawsey, W.E. Underwood, J.A. Ingram and G.F. Peel were ordained as deacons.

In July of 1920, a mission was established at Fort. During this time a revival was held at the church and 43 professions of faith were made.

In December of 1923, a committee was appointed for the building of a new church building, Committee members were J.E. Richardson, J.A. Ingram, J.T. Ingram, G.W. Hammett, R.L. Adams, G.F. Peel, Dr. G.W. Durham and J.E. Madden. In March of 1925, the church voted to build a new church building. Due to unknown circumstances a new building was not built until 1942. The building was built on the same site.

The first Vacation Bible School was held in 1946. W.A. Jones was the principal and Evelyn Henderson from the Louisiana Baptist Convention was the assistant principal.

On August 1, 1948, the church voted to build a new church building and a parsonage on a different site. The land was donated by I.B. Ingram. The parsonage was to be finished first. On July 3, 1949, the church voted to let the contract on the foundation and walls of the present building. In 1950, regular services began in the new building.

In February of 1949, a church library was started.

In 1954, the old church building was sold to the Masonic Lodge. In June, air conditioning was installed in the auditorium.

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