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1922 Graduating Class


Lillian Peel

Gracie Turner

Wiley Wooldridge

Charlie Ross

Lee Wooldridge

Henriette Turner


1923 Graduating Class


1924 Graduating Class


1925 Graduating Class


1926 Graduating Class


Jettye Almerta Adams
Eunice Marie Bennett
Annie Ethel Dark
Rae Ferguson
Carrie Alberta Hatton
Lillie Margare McKaskle
Marshall Dennis Peel
Mary Rose Scriber
Annie Elizabeth Wright


1927 Graduating Class


1928 Graduating Class


1929 Graduating Class


Elsie Bennett

Inis Bryant

Mattie Comeaux

Ethel Parks

Roxie Richardson


1930 Graduating Class


Edwin Durham

Herman Fowler

Edna Mae Killeen

Meddie Smith


1931 Graduating Class


1932 Graduating Class


1933 Graduating Class


Garvis Lomax Bennett

Rutha Bryant

Dutch Comeaux

Ishmael Ingram

Alton Eugene Smith

Odell Tarver

Addie Thompson


1934 Graduating Class


1935 Graduating Class


1936 Graduating Class


1937 Graduating Class


1938 Graduating Class


Eros Brown

Lula Ferguson

Beatrice Hemphill

Christine Polk

Christine Silmon

Doris Simon

Lucille Smith

Sam Wilson


1939 Graduating Class


Amos J. Brown

J. E. Richardson

Homer E. Womack

Douglas Garcin

Ruby Johnston

Louis McMurray

Burgas Collingsworth


1940 Graduating Class


Hettie Anders

Mirva Bennett

Lucille Bryant

Albert Garcin

Purt Ingram

Minnie Lee Johnston

Addie Marie Morris

Willie Nichols

Daisy Norman

Ludelle Sasser

Agnes Smith

Daisey Turnage

W.E. Underwood

Machelle Wiggins

Robert (Tige) Womack


1941 Graduating Class


Mary Levon Collins

Huey Dempsey

Doris Eldridge

Violet Ferguson

Johnny Freeman

Earl Grayson

J.H. Ingram

Roy McClure

J. B. McKaskle

Odell Nesbitt

Geraldine Simon

Bud Turnage

Georgia Lee Underwood

Elmo Wiggins

Daphene Williams

Elton Wilson


1942 Graduating Class


E.A. Brown

J.D. Fowler

G.W. Johnston

George Bud Madden

Rita Martena

Elma Polk

Margaret Searcy

Eunice Williams


1943 Graduating Class


Marion Bridges

Elton Eldridge

Marie Fain

Wilbur Fain

Juanita Hatton

Leverne Ingram

Addie Johnston

Allie Johnston

Laverne Johnston

Aline Morris

Geneva Norman

Erma Polk

Mamie Polk

James Richardson

James P. Smith

Merle Walker

Laverne Welch

Barbara Williams

Morgan Williams

Nellie Williams

Ethel Wyatt

J. W. Wright


1944 Graduating Class


Polly Brown

A.J. Chapman

Elsie Collins

Carrie Ferguson

Bonita Hale

Donald Ingram

T.J. Martin

Earline Nesbitt

Newt Tarver

Gene Wright

Martha Wiggins


1945 Graduating Class


Lucille Chevalier

Buford Collingsworth

Agnes Fowler

Doris Graves

Nora Lee Hale

Charles Hawsey

Erma Mae Hawsey

Maxine Ingram

Byrdie Mae Johnston

Margaret Dee Polk

Lucille Russell

Jeraline Sasser

Bertha Smith

Willie T. Smith

Ollen Sutton

Vera Mae Thomas

Floyd Warner

Faye Ellen Williams


1946 Graduating Class


Margrey Nell Barfield

Otis Cecil Ferguson

L.R. Hatton

Dale Ingram

Royce Johnston

W.H. Johnston

Huey McClure

Elaine McGee

Leo Nichols

O.J. Ratcliff

Sybil Ratcliff

Ruth Rolen

Marion Simon

Barney Taylor

Donald Wright

Eleanor Womack


1947 Graduating Class


Hilda Brown

J.L. Bryant

Hazel Fain

Inez Fowler

Ottice Fowler

Hazel Gill

Nellie Lee Hawsey

Velma Jennings

Emma Lee Johnston

Beverly McCarty

Sidney Ray Ross

Faye Russell

James R. Russell

Willie Pearl Russell

Willie R. Sasser

Reba Dell Smith

Velma Smith

James Wiggins

Clara Williams

Zelas Williams


1948 Graduating Class


Jeanette Barfield

Charles Horne

Nathan Norman

Evon Nichols

W.R. Parks

Ella Van Powell

Dorothy Reese

Ralph Ross

Ruby Sutton

Raymond Thomas

Carmelita Walker

Peggy Ann Walker

Mary Welch


1949 Graduating Class


Henry W. Theriot

James Edward Williams


1950 Graduating Class


Claudine Barton

Betty Zane Davis

Loraine Davis

Espie Lee Ferguson

Elaine Guimbellot

Willie Von Jennings

Mae Motley

Francis Elaine Rolen

Johnnie Mae Russell

Ethel Mae Tarver

Bryan Smith

Jack Smith

Ola Sutton

Annie Myrel Wood

Maybelle Wright


1951 Graduating Class


Arlon Adams

Laverne Barton

J.E Chevalier

Melba Fay Johnson

Loretta Faulk

John W. Powell

Dock Russell


Lloyd Warner

Now living in: Montgomery, Texas

Date: December 6, 2006

Comments: I married Barbara Newton of Winnsboro, La in June of 1956.We celebrated

our Fifty Anniversary in June of this year.We have one daughter, Sharon Ann.She is

Married to John Box and they have two children, Braden, age 3 and Bryce, age 6 months.

I retired from Northwest Airlines in Memphis, TN after serving 32 years.I maybe in Texas

but Iím still in Louisiana at heart.One other thing, I haved served in the prison ministry for

33 years.


Mary Frances Wiggins

Robert Earl Williams.


1952 Graduating Class


Mary Virginia Davis

Robert Fain

Bonnie Hawsey

Mary Hemphill


Lillian Horne

Now living in: Kerman, California

Date: August 1, 2004

Comments:I married Morris Killen and moved to Kerman .

I have 5 children 13 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

I retired from the Postal service in 1999 and now spend a

lot of my time with the church.


Nathan Humphries

Jimmie P. Parks

Glen Porter

Henry P. Rolen

Laura Jean Russell

Lettie Lou Simmons

E.C. Sutton


1953 Graduating Class


Elise Bruce

Anthony Chapman

Patsy Collins

Annie L. Fain

Bennie Johnson

Gloria Joy Johnston

Jimmie Lee Kelly

Marlene Killens

Alcie Ray Nichols

Johnny Ray Price

Charles Roberts

Colleen Roberts

Virginia Sasser

Evon Simpson

Theta Smith

Dolphus Tarver

Janice Wall

Gloria Walker

Elaine Williams


1954 Graduating Class


Quincy Adams

Noel Hatton††††

Mike Hilburn

Joseph Hays

J.A. Ingram

George Johnson

H.D. Jones

Donnie Parks

Mary Powell

Catherine Price

J.R. Shipley

Frances Sutton

Robbie J. Tarver

Jerry Von Williams


1955 Graduating Class


Carolyn Adams

Jimmy Albritton

Shirley Collins

Glen Comeaux

Donnie Easterling

Charles Hendry


Virginia Johnston

Now Living In: Winnsboro, LA

Date: September 14, 2012

Comments: After graduating from Ogden I attended NLU where I received a degree in Elementary Education and

met my husband, Bobby Collins, from Jonesvile, LA. We were married in 1957, graduatied in 1958, and moved

to Houma, LA where we lived six years before moving to Winnsboro. We have six children (including a set of twins)

17 grandchildren and twin great-great grandsons. After teaching school for 5 1/2 years I wrote youth

Sunday School lessons for Southern Baptists for 9 years and then managed the Good Samaritans of Franklin, Inc, for 10 years.

Having become a Christian when I was almost 16 , I am an active member of Winnsboro FBC. Presently I enjoy cooking,

reading, the computer, and having my family here four times a year. Being able to browse through these websites

have been wonderful! I appreciate each person who has had any part in keeping the spirit of Ogden High School aive!


Marshall Peel


Patricia Porter

Now Living In: Hammond, LA

Date: July 26, 2009

Comments: What a wonderful graduation class we had in 1955. I married Glynn Porter in 1953 but

continued to attend school and later attended NLU. We had 2 children, Nolan Glynn
Porter, Jr. and Renae Porter. They now are in Hammond, La. and live very close to me
and my husband of 34 years, Bill Nauck. Bill and I adopted a child, Missy, she
and her husband have 2 children. Nolan has 2 children also. 
Liddieville will always be my "second" home and love to return and see old friends. 
Wishing you all great health and happiness. Pat Thompson Nauck, Hammond, La.


Harroll Russell

Virginia Russell

Glen Williams


1956 Graduating Class


Floyd Barton

Raymond Bennett

Jimmy Chapman

Noel Fain

Howard Guimbellot

Billy Johnston

Lawrence Jones

Lavelle Rice

Lyn Wall

Kathryn Womack

Patsy Womack


1957 Graduating Class


Beverly Albritton

Mary K. Barton

Thelma Bryant

John W. Collins

Harmon Hayes

Katherine Horne

Maxine Humphries

Earl Nealy

Ernestine Polk

Clifton Russell

Roy Russell

Bobbye Simmons

Betty Womack

Ernestine Womack


1958 Graduating Class


Jessie Barton

William Bruce

Penny Comeaux

Faye Crawford

Barbara Davis

Woodrow Dilley

Walter A. Erskin

Shelby Fain

Beverly Jennings

Vernon Dale Simons

G.B. Thompson

Evie Jean Turnage


Robert Walker

Now Living In: Jacksonville, Fl.

Date: August 16, 2007

Comments: After graduation I decided to join the Navy, (my Dad sent the recruiter to see me). I defiantly saw the World, stayed with it for 22yrs. During this time I met a wonderful girl, Sandra, in Florida who became my wife. We have two really good boys, and four granddaughters, one set of twins.I have also worked for Allied Signal and Department of the Navy. I have a total of 32 years of Federal service.  I didn't plan it that way it just happened. I tried retirement, played a lot of golf. Didn't get good enough, besides it gets as hot here as a Liddieville cotton patch. I believe all of my classmates can relate. I have a share of a auto lot, I enjoy buying and selling good cars to great folks, it doesn't always work out that way


Dawn Williams

Charles Wood


1959 Graduating Class


Mike Nelson

Irma Lee Nichols

Mary Ann Parks

Robert Lee Price

Donald Rice

Annette Russell

Fayette Russell

Jerry Smith

Charlie Thomason

Linda Fay Thompson

Anna Pearl Wells


Charles Womack

Now living in: Bossier City, Louisiana

Date: July 22, 2007

I served three years in the army, spent 27 years in the service station business and 23 years in the manufacturing of Athletic practice wear. I retired November 20, 2006, and I am enjoying my retirement on my farm just south of Houghton, La. and visiting my five children and seven grand children. I live in a gated community in north Bossier with my wife of 36 years. I am a deacon and leader in Barksdale Baptist Church and have taught Sunday school for over 20 years. I praise God for giving me an opportunity to study his word.



1960 Graduating Class

Donnie Simon

Marshall Turnage


Lawson Womack

Now living in: Indianapolis, Ind.

Date: July 23, 2007

When I graduated, I went to S. Louisiana, then to Kansas City for twelve yrs. Then to Indianapolis where I have lived for

36 Years. I drove a truck for 37 yrs. and am now retired. I am married to my wife of 36 yrs, Peggy. I have 4 grown children and†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† only 2 grandchildren. I have a farm that I spend all my time at when I'm not driving the "special needs" school bus for the high school. I am a beekeeper and a Master Gardener.


1961 Graduating Class

Patricia Alford

Charlie Garner

Bobby Barton

Vernice Hayes

Maxine Boyd

Shirley Jennings

Willie E. Erskine

George Nealy

Peggy Turnage

Dorothy Price

Annette Womack

Jessie Rice

Bobby Wood

Joyce Thompson

Laverne Womack

1962 Graduating Class


Jack DeBlieux

Linda Hatton

James Chevalier

Barbara Brown

Jimmy Womack

Mary Ann Dilley

Bill Parks

Tommy Rider

John Woods


1963 Graduating Class


Margie Adams

Bill Anders

June Jennings

Maxine Hendry

Elaine Davison

Mary Alice Polk

Jimmy Massey

Larry Wall

Alice Ruth Welch

Earl Williams

DeLilah Turnage


1964 Graduating Class

Kathleen Bennett

Alton Boyd

Lorene Chapman

Ralph Chevallier

Carolyn DeBlieux

Joyce Erskine

Joe Hatton

Larry Heath

Frances Killen

Wanda Stevenson

Jerry Van Underwood

Marcia Womack

1965 Graduating Class

Steve Coco

Now living in: Alexandria, La.
Date: April 19, 2008
I'm a recovering Journalist, forsaking TV and Radio news for Advertising and Public Relations.
I remember the words of wisdom from one of our great basketball coaches, Charles Horne.He said, "when we have the ball, 
the other team can't score."So I try to hold on to the ball and do what I enjoy.But going back, after High School,I joined 
the Air Force in 1968, continuing in Radio and Television in Turkey where my first son was born in 1970.He died in a tragic 
hunting accident in 1999.My youngest son is manager of a meat market, so I eat excellent steaks.I stay in touch with my best 
friend, Pat Loflin, also an Ogden graduate.I parted ways with my ex-wife, the former Kay Busby of Winnsboro, in 1996.
I've lived in Texas, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Turkey and of course Louisiana.I try to visit Mexico and Costa Rica as 
often as possible.Time is flying by, but Liddieville remains the major harbor of our lives.

Joseph Eubanks

Now living in: Crossett,

Date: March 13, 2007

Comments: I served in the US Air Force the first 4 years out of school, I blame this part of my life on Jerry Van Underwood who talked me into enlisting with him but I love him anyway. I married Sue Wilson from Baskin on May 26th 1968 and we have 2 girls Karmen & Ashley and from the 2 girls we have 5 grandsons ranging in age from 1 to 14. I have worked for Georgia Pacific in Crossett for the past 37 years as a paper maker and supervisor for 2 paper mills within the Crossett complex until I retired in Nov. 2006, I now work full time for my wife. I hope I get to see everyone at the reunion this year, I thank Glenda Boyd for telling me about this site and also for the work that her and John Dewey did in making this site available to everyone, it has been added to my favorites.


Judy Fortenberry

Patricia Ann Fortenberry

John Dewey Horne††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Now living in: Liddieville

Date: July 9, 2004

Comments: Married Gwen Smith in 1970 and we have one daughter, Jessica.She is living in Houston Texas and working for ExxonMobile.I served in the Louisiana National Guard for 20 years.I have completed 37 years of employment with the Louisiana Dept. of Trans. & Development and I am eligible for retirement.I still enjoy my job and will continue to work a while longer.


Bonnie Mayo

Patricia Pace

Marlene Porter

Richard Sasser


Beth Simmons

Now living in: Winnsboro

Date: August 1, 2006

††††† Comments:I am retired from the State of Louisiana.  I worked33 years for the Office of Family Support.  I have 2 daughters, Terri and Summer and two grandchildren, Jessica and Jaidan.  I talk to and see my cousin Steve Coco all the time.  I visit with Pat Loflin and his wife, Katye, a lot.  I have attended the last 2 school reunions and enjoyed seeing everyone who I knew and those that knew my sisters, Lettie and Bobbye.    I keep busy by working in my yard and working in the house.  I have managed to collect and find household items that my parents and grand parents had and have had fun doing it.  I go to the flea markets and look for old things.  I hope when we have the next reunion that more local schoolmates come.  We had more from out of town than from the parish.  I have enjoyed your web site.  Let me know if you need any further info.


Joy Simon

Marion Tarver

Carol Thompson

Mae Wood

Jerry Hawsey

1966 Graduating Class

Wanda Faye Dark

Glenna Faye Doyle

L.R. Hatton

Now living in: Liddieville

Date: 8-10-2005

Comments:  Married-(Divorced) Maxine Smith, we have two sons, Jeffery Don and Joel Glenn Hatton. I served in the Louisiana National Guard for 6 years. I have worked as a butcher/market manager for 35 years in Winnsboro. I have 3 1/2 grandchildren, Jeff has two girls; Victoria and Ronni (named after her Pappy) and Joel has one son, Zac and is expecting a girl in the early part of November. I enjoy playing music (bass guitar) every Friday and Saturday nights in Monroe at the VFW hall with the Ray Pace Band. My wife Kathy and I have a Deer Processing place and we are currently in the process of building on so we can put my smoke sausage in the grocery stores. Be sure and look for "Hatton's Smoke Sausage" coming soon, hopefully by the first of the year.


Floyd Hendry

Ralph Jennings

A.A. Johnston

Betty Ann Johnston

Gerry Paul Massey

Kyra Daun Polk

Diane Richmond

Gerry Russell

Peggy Ruth Russell

Betty Faye Tarver

Barbara Underwood

Norman Underwood


Glenda Diann Warner

Now living in Liddieville, LA

Date: August 16, 2004

Comments:  After graduation, Alton (Buddy) Boyd (Class of 64) and I were married. We have been blessed with two children: Randy (Kevin-Class of 87) and Christy (Class of 91) and three grandchildren: Coby, Kylie and Caleb. Our grandson Coby attended kindergarten class at Ogden. OHS has been a big part in our lives!

I have been employed at a local dental office for the last twenty two years and I still enjoy my work.

Hobbies include cross-stitch, ribbon embroidery, scrapbooking, flower gardening, craft fairs & shopping and lately this computer, but the real pleasures are times spent with family and friends!

Thanks to John for this website! Hope to hear from classmates soon!


Barry Lane Welch

Linda Sue Winters

1967 Graduating Class

Janet Bennett

Bruce Britt

Sue Dupuy

Billy Dupuy

Flora Garner

Diana Hendry

Lanell Hendry

Kenneth Ingram

Stanley Ingram

Pat Loflin

Charles Mayo

Donnie Mixon

Loysue Richmond

Donnie Rider

Glenn Tarver

Janis Temple

Micheal Thompson

1968 Graduating Class


Wayne Boyd

Fay Cowart

Tim Eubanks

Douglas Ingram

Margarette Lance

Edith McMurray

David Mixon

Robert Nichols

Gloria Polk

Garland Tarver

Judy Winters


1969 Graduating Class


Valerie Bennett

Tommy Blackmon

Melvin Carroll

Dariel Eubanks

Doris Freeman

Terry Hatton

Diaine Ingram

Patricia Ingram

Rickey Johnston

Margarett McCarty

James Nichols

Patricia Porter

James Richmond


Gary Robinson†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Now living in: Winnsboro, LA

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Date: 7-16-2005

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Comments: I married Sandra Ashley from Baskin in 1971 and we have two sons. Shawn is 33 years old and Shae is 28. We have one beautiful grand daughter, Avery Elise Robinson. She was born to Shae & Kate Robinson on July 20, 2004. (She is very special to Poppa and Nanna Robinson.)

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Our children work in our family businesses which include real estate brokerage & appraisal, investment properties, and a wholesale distribution company.  Even though our businesses take us to other parishes and even other states we have made Franklin Parish our home. Sandra and I are in the process of building a new house on our farm located west of Crowville. You may visit our real estate brokerage web site at or email me at  our office building is located at 6624 Main Street, Winnsboro, LA. Our office phone number is 318-435-9714.


Tommy Temple


Anita Wilson

Now living in: West Monroe, Louisiana

Date: December 20, 2004

Comments: I married David Phillips April 8,1971. We are parents of two boys, Shawn, age 31, and Sammy, age 25 ( named after my dad, Sam Wilson. ) and one girl, Lyndsay, age 15, a freshman at West Monroe High School. We have lived in West Monroe since 1990. David and I  have our own construction company and stay very busy. David prefers remodeling now that we are getting older...ooh! I miss my youthful days at Liddieville!


Rickey Womack


1970 Graduating Class

Freddie Chapman

DeJuana Coco

Charlotte Fain


Deborah Hatten

Now living in:  Cincinnati, Ohio
Date:  August 18, 2004
Comments:   Married Jerry Hermann in 1976 and we have two daughters, Christina and Michelle.  Christina has a degree in Biology from University of Cincinnati.  She works for the University of Cincinnati in the Molecular Biology Department and I can't begin to explain what she does.  The words are just too big.  She is married to Eric , who works for P&G in the IT field.  They have a 2 1/2 year old son, Alexander, who keeps us all jumping.
Michelle has a degree in Communications from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) and works for 5/3rd Bank in the Commercial Lending Department.  She is married to Kenneth  who is a loan officer for 5/3rd Bank. I received my degree in Accounting from NLU in 1973 and I have been in Cincinnati for 28 years - even my Southern accent is beginning to disappear.   I am employed by Honeywell, Inc. as a Project Administrator.  I have been with Honeywell for ten years.  I will retire in 2 year's, 4 months and two days - and no I'm not counting the days.  Jerry and I plan to travel after we retire.

Ray Jennings

Johnny Johnston

James Leroy Linder

Martha Loflin

Joncie McMurray

Clinnon Richmond

Gwen Smith

Mercill Womack

1971 Graduating Class

Carolyn Boyd

Johnny Boyd

Eddie Bryan

Kathy Bryan

Larry Eubanks

Benny Lee

Nathanael Mixon

Bryant Parks

George Parks

Evelyne Porter

James Paul Smith

Linda Smith

Robert Wiggins

Donald Womack

1972 Graduating Class


Henry Lee Bradley

James Ray Brothers

Dianne Carroll

Sandra Eubanks

Craig Fain

George Ray Faulk

Rickey Hatton

Sandra Jennings

Patrick Mayo Jordan

Johnny Mercer

Billy Glenn Miles

Sidney Nichols

Jimmy Shaw

Kenneth Wayne Simons

Deborah Smith

James Thornton

Paul Dale Turnage

Benny Ray Washington

Willie Washington


1973 Graduating Class


Tommy Albritton

Vivian Allen


Deborah Bennett

Now living in:  Satsuma, LA
Date:  August 19, 2004
Comments:  Satsuma is a small rural community where my husband grew up. It is outside of Walker, which is near Baton Rouge.  I am married to Norman Audiffred and we have two children.  Our daughter Lisa just got married this month.  She and her husband are seniors at Louisiana College in Pineville, LA. She is a marketing/management major and he is a biology major. Our son Clint is beginning his freshman year at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA.  He plans to major in computer science.  I work at the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality in Baton Rouge, in an administrative section, where I have worked for the past 12 years.


Helen Dee Bradley

Curtis Lee Hawkins

Phyllis Horne

Vickie Ingram

Gloria Jackson

Calvin Johnson

Ira Johnson

James Eugene Mixon

Evon Lee Moffitt

Steve Moore

Deborah Kaye Parks

Kenneth Wayne Parks

Jean Lula Polk

Liona Monnie Rhymes

Edna Flo Richmond

Margie Genell Ross

Billy Wayne Smith

Jimmy Sue Smith

John Robert Tarver

David Keith Wilson

Felton Moffitt


1974 Graduating Class


Leonard Allen

Floyd Brothers

Lawana Brown

Floyd Cowart

Mary Crockham

Vicki Cruse

Cora Doyle

Deborah Fortenberry


Gary Horne

Now living in: San Francisco California

Date: November 11, 2007

Graduated from NLU (Now ULM) in 1979 with a BS in Pharmacy. After graduation, 
I completed Residency in Hospital pharmacy, worked for a few years and began my
 career as a hospital director of pharmacy in 1984. Married to the former
 Carol Lee Burress of Shreveport in 1981.Graduated with a Masters in Health Science
 Administration from University of St. Francis in 1999. Currently live with Carol in San Francisco, CA
 and work as the director of pharmacy at San Mateo Medical Center in San Mateo CA.


Larry Horne

Now living in:West Monroe, LA.
Date: April 8, 2008
Married to wife Carmen since June 2, 1977. I have 1 daughter named Madison that is
22 years old. She teaches school in Ouachita Parish. I am self-employed electrician
contractor for 23 years. I mainly install energy management systems in Wal-Mart and
Sam's stores. Carmen has an event planning business. 


Michael Jennings

Kay Johnston

Royce Manning


Mike Martin

Now living in: Covington, LA

Date: April 14, 2007

I am a general contractor in Covington, LA and owner of D.M.M. Construction and Martin Development. You can access my company web site at My wife Kim and I have been married for 27 years and we have two beautiful children, Regina 24, and Adam 19.


Lucille Moffitt

James Dewey Polk

Brenda Smith

Glenda Smith

Johnny Thornton

Michael Wiggins

Maude Washington


1975 Graduating Class


Joy Louise Brown

Karin Kim Bryan

Margaret Ann Cowart

Glenda Vanessa Hoard

Pamela Kay Martin

Martha Marie Mixon

Joe Cecil Nichols, Jr.

Michael Lee Owens

Brenda Renaye Thornton

Juanita Lynn Walker

Samuel Earle Washington

Patricia Chevalier Wiggins

Ralph Gregory Womack

John Marcus Mixon

Lillie Mae Ignont


1976 Graduating Class


Brian Laville Croke

Ricky DeWayne Fortenberry


Kathleen Horne Dugdale

Now living in: Lake D'Arbonne in Farmerville, LA
Date: April 3, 2008
Comments: My husband, Edward and I live on Lake D'Arbonne, in Farmerville, LA.He is a
logging contractor and I work at the Union Parish Sheriff's Office.I have 2 children, Brandon Fortenberry,
who graduated ULM and works as a Supervisor for Haynes International.He and his wife, 
Christy have 2 children, Preslee and Brady.My daughter, Brandi Fortenberry Osborne, is married
to Gan Osborne.She graduated LSU and is a Claim Rep for State Farm Insurance in Baton Rouge.
I have 3 step children, Mary Ann, Nicole and Jake and one step-grandchild, MacKenzie Combs.
My husband and I attend New Hope Baptist Church in Choudrant, where we teach Youth 
Sunday School and I am church hostess.


Robert Earl Ignont

Robert Lee Jackson

Anthony Lydell Ingram

Brenda Kathryn Mayo

Willie Ruben McGee

James Louis McMurray III

Milburn Louis McMurray

Michael Glay Murphy

Barbara Anderson Norris

Teresa Rena Porter

Danny Ray Russell

Glenda Darlene Smith

Katherine Smith

Kenneth Smith

Linda Charlene Smith

James Huston Tarver

Karen Wanice Tarver

James Earl White

Shirley Ann White

Marie Williams

Sheila Wiggins Williamson

Peggy Washington


1977 Graduating Class


Timothy Wade Adams


Pamela Jean Bennett

Now living in:  West Monroe

Date: 7-29-05

Comments:   Current occupation - Ouachita Parish School System, Technology Coordinator @ Ouachita Parish Alternative Center


Frank Berry

Larry Don Brown

Joe Michael Fortenberry

Kimberly Smith Hatton

Teddy Joe Hatton

Sharon Denise Hoard

William Howard Loflin

Ada Jean McGee

Troy Sam Manning

Sherri Wiggins Mullican

Pamela Sue Murphy

Alan Dale Nichols

Vera Mae Phenix

Lonnie Ray Polk

Hollis Thame Richmond

Jimmy Ray Smith

George Washington

Brenda Kay Womack


1978 Graduating Class††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


William Howard Anderson

James Edward Hall

Charlene Horne

James Louis Ignont

John Elliot Jennings

Dan Moffitt

Gary Dorell Netherland

Michael Ramage Parks

Nolan Glynn Porter, Jr.

Willie James Scott

Randall Albert Walker, III

Glen Dale Womack


1979 Graduating Class


Brenda Anderson Armstrong

Mary Pat Croke

Tina Rochea Hays

Timothy Donald Martin

Dan Moffitt

Gregory D. Norman

Donna Janine Parker

Sharon Kay Pleasant


Lamona Fortenberrry Porter Bertolino

Now living In: Pollock, La.

Date: October 11, 2006

Working for Grant Parish School Board.  Married with two children.  I would love to find a yearbook for 1979 the year I graduated from Ogden High School.


Karen Lynne Ritchie

Rebecca Diane Washington

Trudy Laverne White

Vickie Fortenberry Williams

Dedreah I. Wiggins

Debra Ann Woods


1980 Graduating Class


Rebecca Lynn Adams

Lannie Ray Allen

Penny Patrice Fortenberry

Sandra Jean Fortenberry

Marilyn K. Hoard


Clarice Horne

Now living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Comments:  I married in 1981 and divorced in 1988 Frank P Forwood, III, with whom I had 2 children Heather Lauren Forwood Gilbreath and Jonathan F. Forwood.  Heather graduated from Louisiana Tech University, is married to Joseph Gilbreath, Jr., lives in Bastrop, Louisiana and is employed as a Tax Accountant with CentryTel in Monroe.  Jonathan has attended ULM previously and lives in Monroe Louisiana.  I am currently married to Colby Mitchell Flint, from Shreveport, LA.  We have 2 daughters, Alana Alexis (6) and Mariah Nicole (5).  I am employed with State Farm Insurance and he works for Regions Bank.  UPDATE 4/9:2016: My daughter, Heather, now lives in Murfreesboro TN, works as a tax accountant for DeLoitte and has two sons, Logan and Samuel and is still married to Joey. My son Jonathan is a Marine Mechanic for Cummins, Inc., lives in Morgan City, LA, is married to Robin Randolph Forwood and has three children, Makenna, Mason and Wyatt.  My husband Colby works for Pinnacle Financial Partners in Murfreesboro.  My home telephone is no longer active and my work number has changed to 615.692.7148.

Clarice H Flint
208 Prairie View Drive
Murfreesboro, TN  37127

615.893.5658 HM
615.692.7633 Wk
615.556.5196  mobile


Donna Gwen Jones

Tammy DeWanna Polk

Lela Rosella Richmond

Donald Cain Scott

Danny Lynn Smith

Walter Raleigh Walters III

Billy Wayne Williams

James Don Williams


1981 Graduating Class


Dennis James Atkins

Brenda Faye Black

James David Fortenberry

Daniel W. Hickingbottom

Lisa Womack Hitt

Patricia Lynn Jackson

Andrea Lynn Massey

Bessie L. Moffitt

Joel Curtis Murphy

Pamela Faye Nichols

Andrew Lee Owens


Steven Alan Ritchie

Now living in: Liddieville, LA

Date: Sept. 15, 2004.  

I've been married to Bonnie Buie Ritchie for 15 years.  We live in Liddieville right next to the old school.  We have 8 year old twins, Cassidy and Jordy


Timothy Paul Russell

Ronald Wayne Scott

Cheryl Dianne Strickland

Dolphus C. Tarver

Martha Denese Thompson

Ruth Washington

Angela Renee Wiggins

Robert Wesley Williams


1982 Graduating Class


Jeff Flanagan

Chris Hoard


Jeff Johnston

Now living in: Winnsboro, LA
Date: Dec.16,2007
I married Jacqueline Walker of Ward III and have lived east of Chase for
nearly 20 years. We have one son, Kenneth who will graduate from Franklin
Parish High School(I know, it's a mouth full, but you get used to it)this
spring. I work in Monroe for Coca-cola, but you can still here me on the
radio doing sports for KMAR.I just never learned to shut up.When I have
spare time, you can find me rummaging around the 'net arguing with folks
on message boards....hey, a guy needs a hobby.


Pauline Thomas

Wanda Strickland


1983 Graduating Class


Beverly Ignont

Flora Moffitt

Linda Scott

Allen Williams


1984 Graduating Class


Johnny Lee Ashley

Barry Dale Erskin

Gloria Pamela Eubanks

Tommy Lee Ignont

Carla Gaye Ingram

Jeffrey DeWayne Poland

Amy Leeann Ross


Edward Ernest Russell

Now living in: Brandon, MS

Date:November 6, 2006

Comments: Graduated from NLU in 1989 with a degree in Education.  Taught for 7 years (3 years of that at Ogden).  I still take a lot of pride in being the last head basketball coach at Ogden.  Worked in the Construction/shut down industry for 7 years as a Safety Manager for Schueck Steel out of Charleston SC.  For the last two years I have been a Safety Coordinator for Nucor Steel in Jackson MS.  Kathy Mixon Russell, my wife of 14 years, is a 1987 alumni of Winnsboro.  We have two boys - Scott 12 and Christopher 5 and we live in Brandon MS.


Rodney Glynn Smith

Ellen Ruth Temple

Lisa Kay Thompson

Ronnie Lee Walker

Glenda Renea Williams



1985 Graduating Class


Sharon Kay Adams

Roosevelt Black

Margaret Diane Crockham

Freddie Lee Handy

Joseph Chad Hatton

Paula Annette Mayo

Paul Dale McKinley

Edna Jean Moffitt

Bertha Ann Netherland

Loyce Netherland

Sharon Denese Scott

Donald Gene Smith

Angela Thompson Bohon

Tammy Sue Wood


1986 Graduating Class


Gary David Hickingbottom

Rayburn Lee Kanehl

Robin Diane Olivo

Deidra Diana Scriber

William Thomas Walker


1987 Graduating Class


Robin Ann Acton


Kevin D. Boyd

Now Living in:Liddieville

Date: August 16 2004

Comments: After graduation in '87, I headed out to become a successful musician... I bounced around several cities until I ended up in Nashville, where I lived for over 10 years... This is where I also met my wife Karen... I now live back in the ole hometown of Liddieville where I still play music and push it to the world via the internet... I also own a small wireless internet service for our local area, and still do finish carpentry to pay the bills...  Music however, is still a  huge part of my life and I suppose it will always be...  

Visit me online at:


Ann Marie Brown

Mark Russell Hickingbottom

Donessa Ignont

Daron Keith Kanehl

Kay Lynn Netherland

Margaret Ann Nichols

Roosevelt Owens

Tracy DeLynn Poland

Allen Dan Russell

Janice Marie Thomas

Steven R. Thompson


1988 Graduating Class


Fredrick Anderson

Saphoria Anderson

Dennis Burge


Jeffery Hatton

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Now Living in: Liddieville, La.

 †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Date: August 14, 2006

 †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Comments: After graduation, I began working shut downs which has me traveling all over the United States. In December 1998, I married Christina Bible , and we have 3 wonderful children; Victoria 11, Ronni Alexis 3 ( named after her Pappy), & our newest addition Jeffery Rylan 5 weeks. My work still sends me all over the place, but I take time out every year to hunt and work at Hatton's Deer Processing. For the past year I have been helping my dad(Ronnie Hatton) and brother(Joel Hatton) start up our new sausage business(Hatton's Smoke Sausage).


Rhonda Newman

Roy Thomas

Karen Thompson

Spencer Underwood

Ramona Wilhite


1989 Graduating Class


Lester Acton

Now living in: Liddieville, LA
Date: November 1, 2008
I reside in Liddieville with my wife, Tricia, of 15 years, our two 
daughters Samantha and Sabrina.For the five years I have worked as a 
warehouse manager for Aurora Casket Company. The warehouse is located in West Monroe. 


Mike Carroll


Tonya Givens

Now living in: Calhoun, LA
Date: December 6, 2004
I now live in Calhoun, LA.  I have been married to Jeff Pate of
Ashdown AR for 10 years.  We do not have any children, but we have a cat that we love.  I work for Chase Mortgage and attend LA Tech Univ.  I will soon be grad. as a construction eng., maybe before I am 40. 


Donna Guimbellott

Patrick Jackson

Donna Kirkpatrick

Tonya Lively

Jan McKinley

D'Wayne Netherland

Ralph Netherland

Kim Olivo

Virginia Russell

Everett Walker

Shelley Williams

Robin Wood


1990 Graduating Class


Patrick Acton

Michael Boyd

Tonya Hamilton

Thomas McKinley

Tonya Phillips

Richard Poland

Adriane Underwood

Nicole Underwood

Melinda Temple

Timothy Washington


1991 Graduating Class


Christy Boyd

Date: 8/17/2004

Comments: I married Skipper Hill in 1992. I worked for Brookshires Grocery Company as Deli/Bakery manager for 10 years. I have 3 children Coby, Kylie, and Caleb. We moved from Liddieville to Winnsboro 4 years ago.


Keisha Bozeman

Cashela Crockham

Desi Hoard

Shana Hoard

Paul Rider

Mary Ann Russell

Rodney Shelton

Neal Simmons

Ronald Tarver, Jr.

Ralph Weems


1992 Graduating Class


Eddie Bozeman

Jason Delacerda

Robert Hemphill

Michelle Nelson

Robert Weems


1993 Graduating Class


Shea Gilmore

Yolanda Ignont


Chuck Jennings

Date: October 26, 2006

Residing in Dickinson, Texas

Comments: Attended Louisiana Tech University in Agri- Business. Worked in Ruston, LA for 11 years in landscaping business. Spent 2 years in Lubbock, TX managing a cattle and horse ranch. Married Toni Menart of Lake Charles in June 2006.  We just moved to Dickinson, TX  where she is employed by University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston as an Audiologist.


Michael Poland

Kimberly Nichols